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Why Use Direct Mail?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail has the highest return on investment of any marketing method. Direct mail returns
approximately $10 in sales for every $1 invested, which is twice the return of a TV ad.

What are the strengths of Direct Mailing?

Targeted - Selectively target your audience and communicate with
those that are likely to respond instead of wasting resources or
expense on an uninterested audience. A mailing can be targeted to
businesses, consumers or residences or even by geography and/or

Measurable - Direct Mail virtually eliminates the guesswork in measuring
the effectiveness of a campaign. Results are almost immediate and
allow more effective and responsive decision making in advertising. For example, send 500 postcards and get 10 phone calls in return, and you've just measured a 2% response-rate. You can then modify your approach until your reach the desired return.

Efficient - With direct mail, you can carry out a sustained, periodic
marketing plan easier and more affordably than with any other medium.
Invest time and money wisely by only marketing to interested people.

Flexible - Mail can handle a multitude of advertising or marketing tasks.

Brochures, self-mailers, postcards and inserts are alternatives
to the traditional sales letter.




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