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Helpful Hints

• Don’t forget to print your return address on your piece.

• Allow enough space on the piece for the address and barcode.

• If addresses will be ink-jetted directly onto your piece, leave the area where the address will be printed (3.75” x 3” area is best) completely free of color, graphics, type, etc.

• Use barcodes for faster delivery.

• Have the permit/indicia pre-printed on your piece.

• If your piece will be folded, make sure it opens at the top rather than at the bottom or on the sides. This will save you the cost of needing more than one tab to hold the piece closed.

• If your envelopes will need insertion, be sure the pieces are not too big. They should fit in the envelope with 1/4” to spare.

• Ask us to have non-deliverable or old addresses returned to you so your mailing list can be updated.

• Include at least 25 extra mail pieces with your mailing job. Never provide “just enough” pieces for your mailing list.

• Bring your own mailing lists in advance, if possible, so we can process your data before you are ready to mail.

• Let us proof your mail piece before printing.

• For more helpful information, please visit the US Post Office online.


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